Athlete Profiles

At SportalWorld, athletes can build their own personal sports page.  Each page allows them to manage their photos, videos, stats, contacts and team information.   Photos and team information can be commemorated in a personalized yearbook.  Athletes can also build their own sports cards, that come with a QR code that links to their sports page!

Personal Sports Profiles
  • Athletes can build personal sports profiles
  • Users can login from web, app or Facebook
  • Profile information may be marked private
Photos & Videos
  • Athletes can manage personal photos & videos
  • Live photos can be uploaded from the app
  • Any photo or video may be marked private
  • Personal photos can be used for yearbooks
  • Athletes can store multiple stat tables
  • Choice of 20 pre-build templates
  • Option to build custom tables
  • Any stat table may be marked private
  • Users can create or join teams from web or app
  • Athletes can create or join multiple teams
  • Athletes can also be a fan of multiple teams
Friends and Contacts
  • Athletes can build a network of friends & contacts
  • Friends can share their sports pages
  • Friends can email through the website